Care Instructions

Our swimwear fabric is resistant to chlorine, sun cream and tan oil. However we cannot guarantee these products won't stain your swimwear so please be cautious. Below are our expert tips for protecting your LUSEA garments and keeping them looking lovely for longer.

Care Tips for Swimwear 

  • Allow your sun cream to dry before putting on your swimwear
  • Rinse with cool water after use
  • Handwash items individually and carefully in cool water
  • Dry flat, out of direct sunlight
  • Be careful when wearing jewellery not to snag the fabric.
  • When dry, always keep your LUSEA swimwear in it's protective pouch.

Care tips for Oversized Shirts and Sarongs:

  • We recommend washing all our LUSEA garments on their own, on a cool delicate wash
  • Avoid direct contact with sun cream/ tan oil and chlorine as we cannot guarantee these products won't stain the fabric