I’d never found a swimwear brand that successfully embodied all the elements I wanted from my swimwear. I felt there was always a sacrifice or compromise to be made on fit, quality, comfort, style or ethics. This is where the vision and inspiration for LUSEA originated and my journey started. I wanted to create a unique swimwear brand which represented all of my needs, values and high standards.

These values have been at the heart of every single decision, with the goal of creating an approachable, luxury swimwear brand which incorporates all of these varied needs. Consequently, LUSEA was born, a swimwear brand which balances elegant yet practical designs with timeless styles using premium fabrics and impeccable attention to fit and detail - no more compromises! The #LUSEALOVER is confident and carefree, she is stylish and values quality.

With years of modelling swimwear and lingerie I’ve used this understanding, along with my love of fashion, to design each piece myself aligned with my mission. I want to encourage women to love and celebrate their bodies, feel empowered when wearing LUSEA, relax and have fun. I’m so proud to now share LUSEA with you all and can't wait to see you become a #LUSEALOVER

Love, Lucy x

LUSEA Values

  • Timeless Fashion

    Each garment has been designed to be loved for many years by focusing on classic swim styles available in a sophisticated colour palette.

  • Style & Practicality

    With flattering high-leg cuts and shape enhancing design, we’ve ensured all of our swimwear is beautiful whilst remaining functional.

  • Quality & Comfort

    Garments made from the highest quality Italian swimwear fabric. Not only does it feel incredible, it's created to last.

Our Responsibility

Making you look and feel sensational in our swimwear is the most important thing to us, we also understand we have a wider responsibility. At LUSEA, we want to help protect people and the planet so we’ve made mindful choices to minimise our eco impact whilst ensuring our social impact is a positive one through supporting ethical work practices. We’re very much just getting started and are committed to doing better. However, here are some of the things we’ve done so far:

Slow Fashion

The longer your clothes last the better it is for you and the planet, which is why it's our ethos to produce pieces built to last. We use the highest quality Italian fabric which is not only ultra soft and feels beautiful on your skin, it is the most durable luxury swimwear fabric available.

This quality combined with our timeless designs creates swimwear you'll love to wear year after year.

Don't Sweat It

LUSEA is proud to support a family run European factory where all of our garments are produced. We have full transparency and regular visitations, meaning we know exactly who is making our garments. Whilst abiding to strict EU laws and regulations the factory operates at a high ethical standard. Workers enjoy a happy and healthy working environment where they are looked after, valued and given fair living wages for their craftsmanship and offered flexible work arrangements.

This means each garment brought to you has been made with love, so you can wear your LUSEA with pride and piece of mind.

Stripped Back

We've reduced our packaging to the minimum, only using essential elements and ditching unnecessary plastic (such as individual garment bags) to reduce waste. Our mailing bags, thank you notes and tissue paper are 100% recycled and can be recycled again after they reach you, which we encourage our customers to please do.